John Satter

Licensed Psychologist, PSY 22121,  John Satter

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, 136954

Education and Training 

John received his master's in Marriage and Family Therapy from Touro University Worldwide. He received his undergraduate degree from Los Angeles Pacific University and majored in applied psychology. John received his practicum training from Emmaus Road Counseling Center. Within the training and exposure that he has received, John has worked with couples and individuals with mild to extreme communication limitations, individuals and adolescents who have gone through various severities of trauma, those limited by anxiety and depression, personality disorders, families desiring to establish healthier boundaries between one another, and those trying to find a way through their own personal grieving process due to a difficult loss.
John has experience working with individuals limited by anxiety, depression, past trauma, interpersonal relationships, communication issues, personality disorders, and grief. He enjoys working with couples in understanding the couples individual needs and bringing healthy and unhealthy expectations, placed upon the relationship, out of the shadows. John passionately brings a collaborative approach to therapy with a non-judgmental mindset. Using various therapeutic models, he devotes himself to helping individuals view their current limitations as a part of their "story" and that today is a part of their current chapter, and the end of their story has yet to be written.
John uses a variety of models, such as; 
Acceptance and Commitment (ACT)
Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
Dialectical Behavior (DBT)
Emotionally Focused
Exposure and Response Prevention
Family Systems
Interpersonal Psychotherapy
Motivational Interviewing
The Gottman Method
Schema Therapy
John understands that therapy is not a one-stop-shop; what helps some individuals may not help others. Patience is often overlooked when considering the therapy process. Still, he is dedicated to each individual who comes to see him, to finding what works best for them, with a goal to become their own therapist after therapy has concluded. John's goal is to work together as a team, to learn and understand the right tools that create the self-confidence and know-how to help the individual work through challenges that life will or currently present to them. Individuals who take their therapeutic journey with John will be given coping skills and reframing techniques to strengthen their newfound direction. Change takes time, and results may be slow to feel and see, but if the dedication to the therapeutic process is there, we can surprise ourselves with how much we can accomplish.  

John firmly believes that one aspect we all share in life is that we all will “fail” at something, whether it be past, present, or future. He considers failure a word that can be reframed to limitation or setback and not something that defines who we are. Everyone should have the right to share the story of who they are, where they have been, and what/who they desire to be, but not everyone has someone who feels safe enough to share this with. John strives to be that safe space for those who need it. Everyone has a story, and we are all doing our best with what we have experienced in life thus far. We need not judge ourselves regarding the hand given to us, but we can move forward in a direction that encourages change towards a desired direction.
John aims to help individuals become more self-aware and present in moments where clarity is of importance. Looking too far ahead and continuously referring to the past can limit us from truly living, becoming aware, and even understanding the present. By creating more vital insight, understanding negative repetitive cycles, and laying out triggering factors, we can reframe current limitations in a healthier and constructive direction.
Personal Comments
John has a love for food and cooking. Before receiving his education and training to be a Marriage and Family Therapist, he operated his own catering business for several years. He strongly feels a connection is experienced through breaking bread with others, and presenting a literal taste of service. John agrees with those who say that the stomach is the pathway to the soul. Aside from food, John enjoys the outdoors, various sports, appreciating music of all kinds, and engaging with the community. 

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